Victim Witness Assistance Program

Services Provided by the Victim Witness Program:

Counseling Services

Rockdale County is fortunate to have a free, confidential counseling program available to victims of Family Violence and Child Abuse. If you would like more information on this program, contact the Victim Witness Assistance Coordinator: 

Crime Victim Compensation

The Crime Victim Compensation Fund reimburses victims for out-of-pocket expenses. The Fund does not compensate victims for pain and suffering or personal property damaged or stolen during the commission of a crime. The crime must be reported to law enforcement within 72 hours and the application must be filed within one year of the crime. To fin out if you are eligible and to get an application, contact the District Attorney’s Office or: 

Crime Victim Compensation Fund
Criminal Justice Coordinator Council
503 Oak Place
Suite 540
Atlanta, Georgia 30349

Victim Rights:

Telephone Numbers:

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