Temporary Protective Orders

As a victim of family violence, you may qualify for a Temporary Protective Order (TPO).

A TPO is a civil order of protection.  It can order a batterer to have no contact with you and/or your children, make the batterer leave the home, and possibly pay child support.

To get a TPO, you must apply in the county where the abuser lives.

To obtain a TPO in Newton County, please contact the clerk of the court, Linda Hayes, at (770) 784-2035.

To obtain a TPO in Rockdale County, call 770-929-4023 and make an appointment, or come by the Rockdale County Courthouse, Room 205-C.

To obtain a TPO in Walton County, please conact the clerk of the court at (770) 267-1355.

If you get a Temporary Protective Order . . .

Only a Superior Court Judge can dismiss a TPO.

Call the police immediately if the abuser violates the TPO.  Show the police your copy of the TPO.  Violation of a TPO may be a criminal offense.

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